Thursday, May 03, 2012

Treasures for mom.  Lori Cochran is selling Scentsy items and I got a tea rose night light and vanilla scent for me!  It smells so good.  And I found a blue pitcher for 50cents in a yard sale during the great Avery Ranch 5 hr expedition last weekend with Marilyn.  My one splurge!  Jamie however got lots of clothes and things.  She was very excited.  And we supported the 2 lemonade stands we saw during the morning. 

We took Jamie, Anne, Callie and Tyler on our annual trip to the Austin zoo.  They had fun visiting all the animals especially the monkeys.  And we all rode the train at the end.  It was supposed to be spring but it hit 91 degrees that day.

Anne loved painting the bathroom blue (to match the tiles).  She painted for over an hour. 
I went to a friend's baby shower and her kids' rooms were blue and I knew it was time. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Jamie was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society tonight. We are very proud of her, her girl scout friends, and her best friend for their leadership.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


The month is going by so fast. We started April Fool's day with toilet paper in our shoes and colored milk in our cereal. And lots of colorful confetti! Little silly things. We also dyed eggs early and tried to make them look like cupcakes. We enjoyed a brunch with Marilyn and then Easter dinner. Anne ate a ton of candy out of the eggs she had stuffed and then had to go home for a nap with her dad. We have been stuffing eggs and hiding them all month long. Jamie's best friend Callie came over and spent 2 nights with us. We swam in the cold pool, sang to High School Musical, and laughed and laughed at their playacting. The girls went to a last minute egg hunt at their Grandma's house with the cousins on Good Friday. I went and got my hair cut shorter. Got a new phone. Read Pride and Prejudice. The girls got their picture taken with the Easter bunny at Walgreens, but Anne was afraid and took a lot of convincing to even sit in front. The days all blend together marching towards the play and Jamie's 13th birthday as well as the end of school.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Other fun things at Sweet Berry Farm

Big Surprise: Chance to jump on the big balloon trampoline like at Yogi Bear campground, face painting-Anne wanted to be a cat just like at Halloween and Jamie wanted a full face of a winter scene with a tree and a church, train, horses and goats, etc.

Strawberry picking 2012

We made the long drive to Marble Falls to Sweet Berry Farm. James found a heart/love berry that he proudly showed off to everyone. The kids enjoyed find the biggest, reddest strawberries.

More bluebonnets

We found more bluebonnet fields on the way to Sweet Berry Farms to go strawberry picking.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another year of Fabulous

Jamie fell in love with this hat when we went to Party City to look for ideas for 13th birthday. Pink and black are the new in colors.


Happy First Day of Spring!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Michelle's wedding - March 4, 2012

Michelle's wedding March 4, 2012
Here are a few wedding highlights in an album.

Michelle and Andre - March 4, 2012

Michelle Thompson and Andre Rone were married on Sunday, March 4, 2012, at Green Pastures in Austin, TX.

pictures vs. video

Rebekah Fountain did all the flowers and took the professional pictures. Michelle asked me to try and video tape the ceremony and I had to figure out how to do the music on the cd player outdoors. So I only got a few photos.


Michelle wanted everyone up early and at the salon. Of course, she was late. I took the girls up there at 7am, and they didn't get their hair done until 8am. I had gotten a perm in January so all we had time for was to brush mine out. And Anne lost her ribbon while playing. Then we had to go straight to Green Pastures to get ready there.

Dinner at Red Lobster

When my sisters got off the plane, we all went to Red Lobster for Michelle's last night as a single lady before the wedding.

Chinese project

Jamie had a lot of projects she was trying to get done before the Aunts came to visit. This is one of them - she made a refrigerator full of food items - all labeled in Chinese. While they were here, she had to write 15 sentences in Chinese about our family. And she made a Eat This, Not That for Kids book study summary poster. She was up late every night for weeks.

Girl Scouts - My Park Day

Jamie's friend, Amanda, signed up the girl scout troop to work during the My Park Day at her park next to her house. Her mom had an emergency appendectomy. So Happy and I stayed with the girls while they moved rocks and spread out dirk on the new trail for about 3 hours on Saturday morning, March 3rd.

Anne and the Cat in the Hat

We found hats for the kids at her school to wear on Friday, March 2nd. And we read the Cat in the Hat and other fun books all week.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines for all, tattoos, stickers, cards that sing, special balloon, chocolates, m&ms, roses, lunch at Red Lobster. Yes, we are spoiled. Yes, we love it. Thanks to all who sent cards.